Download RSWA Software and Manuals

RSWA Software

The major components of RSWA software are Array Explorer, Launcher, and User Manager. You can download the files provided here to upgrade the existing software in RSWA Unit, or to install the application on your desktop computer.

RSWA Software Setup ( (2019-05-29, EXE)

Release notes

You can find installation instructions in the RSWA Administrator's Guide (PDF) or in online help.

Note: When upgrading from older versions, you may need to adjust the Delay parameter in Array Explorer Settings->Adjust Signal. Please, log in as Admin otherwise the Adjust Signal page may not be available.

RSWA Desktop Tools

Our new RSWA Desktop Tools package allows managing RSWA data on your desktop computer or laptop.

We provide two download options: the version with the installer and a zipped version. The first package provides a simple and convenient way of installing and upgrading the software, but it requires administrator permissions during the installation. The second version requires manual installation (see enclosed readme.txt file) and it can be installed on a PC where you don't have adminitstrator permissions.

RSWA Desktop Tools - installer ( (2019-05-29, EXE)

RSWA Desktop Tools - binary ( (2019-05-29, ZIP)

RSWA Manuals

RSWA F1 Hardware Manual (online)

RSWA Software Manual (online)

RSWA Administrator Manual (online)

Older Manuals

Original RSWA Hardware Manual (online)



RSWA Spec. Sheet

English (PDF)

Portuguese (PDF)

Russian (PDF)

RSWA Spec. Sheet (Older Model)

English (PDF)

German (PDF)

French (PDFB)

Italian (PDF)

Russian (PDF)

Japanese (PDF)

RIWA Spec. Sheet

English (PDF)

Portuguese (PDF)

Other Documents

Delay Line Chart (PDF)

Return to Manufacturer Authorization Form (RMA) (DOCX)