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AM1103 Desktop Acoustic Microscope

The Tessonics AM 1103 microscope was build for nondestructive evaluation and laboratory investigations of the internal structure of industrial samples. The device has compact design and wide possibilities for 2D and 3D data analysis.

Mechanical Scanner

Provides precise movement and positioning of the acoustical lens in a volume 100 × 150 × 50 mm with repeatability not worse then 2 μm in the X and Y direction and not worse than 0.2 μm in the Z direction.

Acoustical Transducers

Typically, the microscope is operated with spherically-focused transducers with centre frequency in the range of 5 to 400 MHz. The system will also work with cylindrically-focused transducers for anisotropy measurements and flat transducers for measurements in layered structures.


  • inspection and quality control of welded joints
  • testing of adhesive bonding
  • detection of porosity in castings
  • testing of integrity in composite materials


400 × 440 × 320 mm



AM1103 Unit


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