Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Coatings

The Low Pressure Cold Spray process uses the energy of compressed gas to propel fine metal particles (10–60 um) at very high/supersonic velocities (300-800 m sec-1). Upon impact, metal particles are attached to the substrate forming a dense coating. The particles are not melted (remain solid) during spraying and original powder composition is retained. The low temperature process imparts no oxidation to the spray material, which considerably improves bonding with the substrate.


  • low temperature process, no bulk particles melting (temperature of the particles up to 100°C during spraying process)
  • no heat impact on the substrate materials being sprayed (temperature of the substrate does not exceed 150°C)
  • high density coatings, porosity less than 5%
  • enables deposition of thick coatings 10mm and more
  • variety of metal or metal-ceramic composite coatings can be formed
  • minimal or no substrate surface cleaning/preparation required (performs grind blasting, spray coating and shot peening in a single operation)
  • compressed air or nitrogen are used as carrier gasses (100-150 PSI)


  • Corrosion protection
  • Sealing of cracks, holes/leaks
  • Surface modification
  • Repairing a wide range of industrial parts via material build-up
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Cold Spray

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