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F2 Platform The F2 Platform is an upgraded iteration of the F1 Platform, serving as a portable ultrasonic quality tester specifically designed for assessing the quality of resistance spot welds and adhesive bonding joints.

The V4 Software provides comprehensive support for two critical inspection processes:
  • Resistance Spot Weld Analyzer (RSWA): Facilitates thorough analysis and evaluation of resistance spot welds.
  • Adhesive Bonding Inspection (ABIS): Enables efficient inspection and assessment of adhesive bonding joints.

The V4 Array Explorer software constitutes the core functionality of the F2 units. The provided installer is used to upgrade the existing software on F2 units.

Note: The V4 software is designed specifically for installation on F2 units, with compatibility on newer F1 units or those which have undergone a hardware upgrade. Installation on alternative hardware is not supported.

Desktop Tools

The Desktop Tools software provides a range of functionalities all accessible through your desktop or laptop. Requires TDS to operate. It includes:
  • Efficient management of your parts catalog;
  • User administration; and
  • Seamless integration of inspection data imported from F2 units,

The V3 -> V4 Importer software is a tool which allows the integration of legacy software templates (V3) into the new software platform (V4).

Tessonics Data Service

The Tessonics Data Service (TDS) Server is the central hub that stores your parts catalog, user info, and inspection data. It is required by Desktop Tools to function. One server installation can support many instances of the Desktop Tools and F2 units.
  • Installs on a central server
  • Updates existing installations
  • May require IT involvement. Contact Tessonics for assistance with new installations.