Who We Are

Tessonics provides leading edge products, services, and technologies for industrial and biomedical applications. Our technology is developed by pioneers in the field of ultrasonics and other non-destructive testing methods in partnership with the customers we serve.


Our Technologies

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Ultrasonic NDE Equipment
  • Quality control of spot welds and adhesive joins
  • High Frequency Ultrasonic Transducer
  • Cold Gas Dynamic Spray


News and Events

2011-10-17 The Main Tessonics office has moved to a new location. Our new address: 597 Ouellette Ave., Windsor, Ontario, N9A 4J3, Canada

2013-01-29 Updated RSWA software to version

2011-07-11 Updated RSWA software to version

2010-08-31 Updated RSWA software to version


Automotive Applications

Destructive testing practices have long been the norm in manufacturing systems. This is a waste of materials, money, and time. Non-destructive testing saves all of these while providing other fringe benifits as well.

Biomedical Applications

Tessonics is involved in a number of biomedical research projects:

  • Ultrasonic fingerprint biometrics
  • Objective percussion imaging
  • Brain injury diagnostics
  • Soft tissue analysis

Aerospace Applications

Ultrasonics are being used in non destructive testing for the aerospace industry and Tessonics is at the forefront of this field. Our products are ideally suited to this industry. We are working with partners like Boeing in the Tessonics tradition.