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F2 Platform

Ultrasonic Quality Inspection Platform
The F2 platform is our newest NDE system for resistance spot weld and adhesive joint analysis. It is improved by reduction of weight, availability of multiple detachable transducers, and more responsive software.

F1 Platform (Legacy RSWA)

Ultrasonic Quality Inspection Platform
The F1 platform is an ultrasonic device designed for NDE and quality control for various applications, including resistance spot welds, and adhesive joints.

AM 1202

Acoustic Microscope
The universal acoustic microscope Tessonics AM 1202 is built for nondestructive evaluation and imaging of the internal structure of samples.

DFCS 1000

Dual Flow Cold Spray 1000
The Dual Flow Cold Spray (DFCS) Machine has been designed to apply a variety of coatings in suitable work environments. The machine’s design, nozzles and other components have been optimized for fast, efficient, high-quality coating.


Industrial Ultrasonic Couplant
IMAGEL was developed and produced with the goal of employing high impedance acoustic coupling to improve imaging quality for NDE in the automotive and aerospace industry.


Real-Time Integrated Weld Analyzer
RIWA provides a solution to the common disadvantages of non-destructive testing in the automotive and aerospace industries by evaluating spot welds in real-time, making it an advanced non-destructive in-line ultrasonic system.


Tessonics Thickness Gauge
The TTG 1 is a state-of-the-art economic thickness gauge with flexible ultrasound probe options. Its ergonomic and robust design allows for one-hand operations and convenient field usage.